How to Choose a Website Builder for your Small Business Website

The needs of every small business are unique and should be taken into consideration when choosing a website builder to create a digital presence for your small business. For instance, the needs of a boutique hotel will vastly differ from that of a one-person marketing agency. The sooner you identify your business needs, you can […]

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Startup Marketing: How to Make a Splash with Zero Marketing Budget

When you’re just starting out in business, it can be tough to grab the attention of potential customers and get people on your side. Of course, the key to any successful business is marketing, but for startups and micro businesses, finding the money to promote your products and services can be virtually impossible. However, all […]

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6 Simple Ways to Finance Your Business

Starting a new business is a very demanding task, and it can become especially difficult when you don’t have the proper funding for it. And we all know that without a decent startup investment it is almost impossible to start any profitable business. Here is a list of six simple ways to finance your business […]