USPS “Awaiting Delivery Scan” Status Explained

usps awaiting delivery scan

You eagerly track your package and notice it’s stuck in “awaiting delivery scan” status. Should you be worried? Not necessarily! This common status simply means your package has reached the delivery station but hasn’t been scanned yet for final delivery.

While frustrating, an “awaiting delivery scan” status doesn’t automatically signal a problem. With some patience and understanding of the delivery process, your package will likely get back on track soon.

What Does “Awaiting Delivery Scan” Mean?

The “Awaiting Delivery Scan” status means your package has been processed by the post office and is now awaiting the final scan that shows it was delivered.

This could simply mean the mail carrier forgot to scan the package upon dropping it off, or there was a lag in the system updating. So an “Awaiting Delivery Scan” tracking status doesn’t necessarily mean your package wasn’t actually delivered – it may just be that the final delivery scan didn’t happen or register yet.

There are a few possibilities when this status shows up:

  • The package is out for delivery but hasn’t been scanned by the mail carrier yet.
  • The package was marked out for delivery but failed to actually get delivered due to an address issue or other problem.
  • The package was delivered but the final scan did not register in the USPS system.

Essentially, USPS is aware of the package and it is likely close to delivery, but it hasn’t received the final confirmation scan yet.

How Long Should an “Awaiting Delivery Scan” Last?

In most cases, you don’t need to worry until a package remains in “awaiting delivery scan” status for 3-4 days without any change. At that point, it’s reasonable to inquire about potential delays or issues.

A few days in this status is often simply due to normal processing times and high volumes. But if your package seems stuck here for long, contact the shipping carrier.

While waiting, you can also check the delivery company’s online alerts for any notices of local delays, weather issues, or other problems that may be slowing delivery station operations.

What to Do If Your Package Stays Stuck

If your package remains in “awaiting delivery scan” status for longer than 3-4 days, here are some tips to get it moving:

  • Contact the shipping carrier – Call or email the delivery company’s customer service team for status updates or help requesting a trace.
  • Reach out to the shipper – Notify the seller/shipper that your package seems delayed in transit. They can also contact the carrier.
  • Consider picking it up – Some delivery stations allow you to retrieve packages in person if tracking is stalled.
  • File a claim – If significant time has passed, file a claim with the shipping carrier regarding a delayed or lost package.

Getting in touch with the shipping company should spur them to scan for an update on your package’s status and location. Keep an eye out and take action if needed after a few days of no progress.

Don’t Panic at the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” Status

Seeing the “awaiting delivery scan” status can be frustrating and concerning. But in most cases, all that’s needed is a little patience as your package makes its way through the final sorting facility.

Try not to stress too much if your package gets temporarily stuck here. However, reach out for help if the status persists too long without changing. With the right tracking updates, your delivery will be back on the move.

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