Best Big Cities for Starting a Business


Low initial costs and modernized procedures make countries in Asia attractive to entrepreneurs. A couple of new business registrations occurred in East Asian and Pacific nations as recorded by the World Bank. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reports that new enterprise creations have been positively developed internationally. Profit in huge manufacturing conglomerate has plummeted while small service industry shops have increased steadily.

Today, launching a business now takes an average of 21 days worldwide, compared with 46 days 10 years ago. According to the World Bank’s annual report which measures regulations affecting businesses it shows that starting a new business can be challenging but gets easier later. The report shows a record 137 economies around the world taking up vital alteration that simplifies the running of small and medium-sized businesses. Developing countries succeeded in putting more than three-quarters of the 283 reforms to use in the past year, and sub-Saharan Africa executed more than one-quarter of all reforms.

To start-up a business, finding the perfect place to set up is a vital first step. The set up should offer attractive qualities like low living costs, specifically for self-employed people; and a well-educated workforce to make sure you have a lot of auspicious job applicants ready to be hired. Some cities are better than others for startup businesses. Location plays a vital role in starting a business. Several different factors like availability to resources, business-friendly government, small-business lending environment, business tax rates, internet-know-how, hiring pool and site that have online surveys are very important.

The United States of America

The workforce is in the United States is diverse and skilled. It is a well-known leader in research and development as well as innovation. There is wide variety of funding sources from investment firms, banks, and venture capitalists through angel investors. The U.S. Small Business Administration advice that one should first determine the business needs, accessed your finances, check to see if the area to do business friendly and carry out investigative research on other businesses in the community.

James Wilkinson, COO of Streaming Tank has praised the benefits of business in New York because residents of New York are open and hungry to new ideas and concepts. The cities best to launch a business in the United States include Silicon Valley California, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Miami, Atlanta, and Seattle.

Beijing, China

Starting a business in China takes about 28 days and costs less than 1 percent of the average income per capita, according to the World Bank. Entrepreneurs must file their new business with a local career services center and have employment notices issued out and certified during the registration process. Twice each year, the National Development and Reform Commission releases a five-year motive that put down economic goals that can aid entrepreneurs toward industries the government hopes to grow. For 2016 through 2020, it is majorly concentrated on innovation, especially in the science and technology sectors.  

China’s culture does not promote entrepreneurship. Recently, youth live a life that is strictly supervised by parents, and traditional jobs are still very highly valued. There is a turn around and with the rising number of success stories. China is also increasingly focusing on higher-margin advanced manufacturing. Goods produced in china are no longer cheap and low in quality.

China has a tax relief program for beginners with annual tax abstraction of RMB9, 600 (US$1,500) to businesses established by previously unemployed workers and recent college graduates. Early this year, China placed a USD 6.5B VC fund for startups and now engages in at least 1,500 incubators under the Ministry of Science and technology’s 27-year-old Torch Programme, a global programme that financing and consulting services for high technological firms.

Sydney, Australia

Being an entrepreneur in Sydney is well-regarded and startups excel, but people still tend to aim for the more comfortable lifestyle of business employment. Entrepreneurs from Sydney face substantial hurdles. Many startups concentrate only on their local market but there is a change in perception where they think more and more globally from the onset. The ecosystem in Sydney is growing and excelling profusely. There are several collaborative co-working events, put together by Muru D, Fishburners and open houses networking events.

Government does not let special tax incentives for entrepreneurs. There is a 45% discount for R&D projects, and any capital expenditure up to 20,000 AUD ($14, 500) is tax-deductible, otherwise not much has been seen. However, there is a new spur to change the current system, where employees are taxed on the expected valuation. If you want to start a business in Australia, do not forget to contact the ATO.

Moscow, Russia

Entrepreneurship is regarded today even though failure is still feared; however we have seen this in all business environments. Due to their Soviet heritage the collection of superior engineers likewise the number of hardware companies. There is a strong emphasis on Internet of things these days, although the political tension and currency deflation has been a brain drain where entrepreneurs tend to leave the country for Asia and Europe to build their ventures. However the ecosystem, compared to others is the most mature both on starting up a business.

London, United Kingdom.

London is Europe’s best startup spot and the United Sate uses these destination startups to set up shop abroad. Significantly fewer startups in London than in Silicon Valley but the two localities have similar support systems. London-based entrepreneurs are inclined heavily on like-minded colleagues in their area. Every single startup consults more than three advisers.

In the first quarter of 2015, stakeholder drove a record of £459m of venture capitalist funds into London’s digital sector, this rose to 66% on the same quarter last year. Seed enterprise investment schemes, the British Business Bank, R&D tax breaks and government startup loans all add up to one big picture. Technology is seen as the groundbreaking lifeblood powering Britain’s economic recovery. Britain’s financial technology players are estimated to be worth around £20bn in annual revenues collectively, with over £342m capitalized in 2014 alone.

Integrating a company in the U.K. is both swift and affordable, making it one of the simplest places in Europe to set up and run a business in. David Mytton, creator of server monitoring startup Server Density gave some reasons why Britain is a perfect place to do business:

  • It’s easier to start a business because starting a company can be completed in an hour, for £14.
  • The tax body understands that new companies generally aren’t profitable at the beginning.
  • The British government gives tax benefits for investors, founders and employees.

Some of the best cities to start a business in the United Kingdom are Derby, Stoke, Belfast, Sterling and Durham.

Bangalore, India

It takes about 26 days and costs 16.5 percent of the average income per capita to start a business in India according to the World Bank. In 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated Startup India, a campaign to promote and support the creation of new businesses. Recorded entities receive benefits including tax exemptions and learning opportunities. The country has over 19,000 technology-related startups, according to the government’s Economic Survey.

Entrepreneurship is thriving, especially in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi or Chennai. The market is quite massive and the number of engineers graduating per year in the country is remarkable. Bangalore’s startup scene is more concentrated on engineering and technology development, so founders in the city struggle to find their equal in good business development and design. The corporate tax level is 30%, plus extra charges. There are no incentives for startups and it can take few months to set up a business because the cost is not excessively high.

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