Best Freelance Websites for Beginners to Find Work in 2023


 # The Best Freelancing Websites to Find Your First Freelance Gig

Eager to quit your day job and join the booming freelance revolution? As remote work grows exponentially, now is the perfect time to try freelancing. But finding those initial freelance opportunities can feel daunting as a beginner.

This article explores the top freelancing websites and proven tips to land your first freelance gig. Whether you specialize in writing, programming, design, or consulting, these platforms make it easy to find remote work opportunities.

#Freelancing Growth Statistics and Market Overview

First, let’s examine a few insightful statistics that demonstrate the rising demand for freelance services:

  • According to Upwork’s Future of Workforce Pulse Report, 59 million Americans did freelance work in 2021, representing a staggering 36% of the US workforce.
  • A study by Zippia found that over 70.4 million Americans currently freelance, contributing over $1 trillion annually to the economy.
  • Upwork also found that 46% of Gen Z workers now freelance, showing it is increasingly popular with younger generations.
  • 32% of people started freelancing more since the pandemic, highlighting increased interest in work flexibility according to Forbes.

With an expanding market and more businesses turning to freelancers, now is an opportune time to tap into this in-demand remote work model. When you know where to look, you can discover an abundance of open freelance gigs and opportunities.

Upwork – Best Overall Freelance Site with Massive Job Volume

As the largest global freelance platform, Upwork offers an unparalleled selection of remote gigs across over 100 different categories. With over $1 billion in annual freelancer earnings and millions of registered clients, Upwork is a go-to resource for high-quality freelance jobs.

From writing and data entry to programming and consulting, Upwork has opportunities for beginners and experts alike. You can easily browse open projects, connect with clients, and submit proposals entirely online. With superb search functionality, competitive bidding, and feedback systems, Upwork makes it simple to get started freelancing.

Fiverr – Best for Freelancers Offering Niche Digital Services

Fiverr has become massively popular by letting freelancers sell niche services at low price points, often starting at just $5. From graphic design and digital marketing to translation and video editing, Fiverr is ideal for offering bite-sized digital freelancing services.

Although gig pricing starts at $5, Fiverr Pros can charge much higher rates once established. Fiverr also makes communication and payments easy via its platform. With 4.5+ million active buyers and thousands of categories, Fiverr is a versatile option to monetize unique skills as a freelancer.

Freelancer – Excellent for Finding Project-Based Freelance Work

With over 50 million registered users, Freelancer is a thriving marketplace to connect with clients and be awarded project-based contracts. Freelancers can bid on projects posted by clients across 1000+ categories, including website development, logo design, data entry, and more.

Freelancer offers a slick user dashboard to manage your profile, active bids, contracts, and client communication. Competitive bidding and built-in payment processing make it very easy for freelancers to find and complete projects from anywhere in the world.

Guru – Top Choice for Technical and Business Service Freelancing

Guru has over 1.5 million members and focuses on more advanced freelance services like software development, finance, legal services, and business consulting. With rigorous membership application, skill testing, and screening, Guru attracts seasoned mid-level and expert freelancers.

Guru offers flexible monthly membership plans giving you access to apply for unlimited open projects in your niche. With advanced search, transparent pricing, secure payments and dedicated support, Guru is ideal for experienced freelancers to grow their business.

Toptal – Best for Highly-Skilled & Elite Freelance Talent

A premium platform connecting the top 3% of freelancers with high-paying clients, Toptal has unique vetting and matching processes. Freelancers must pass rigorous screening on technical skills, personality traits, and communication abilities to qualify.

Although quite exclusive, qualified freelancers earn $50-$200+ per hour for elite projects. Toptal focuses on specialized services like software development, programming, finance, and design. If you have niche expert skills, Toptal offers access to rewarding projects with leading companies and startups.

99Designs – Best Freelance Site for Designers and Creatives

As the world’s largest design freelance platform, 99Designs makes it easy for graphic designers, illustrators, and creatives to access paid freelance work. Brands and agencies post design contests and freelancers submit entries. Winners are awarded paid contracts.

With 50+ design categories like logos, packaging, websites, and more, 99Designs offers opportunity across graphic design. Contests offer clear deadlines, requirements, and prizes so you can focus on creating quality submissions. Get your designs noticed by thousands of potential new clients.

Contena – Top Freelance Platform for Writers and Editors

Trusted by top brands like Microsoft and Buzzfeed, Contena offers hand-vetted remote writing jobs from serious companies. As an invite-only platform, Contena accepts only experienced writers and editors with proven portfolios.

Contena helps freelance writers connect directly with clients for long-term partnerships. With private company profiles, you get access to exciting new opportunities before they are publicly posted. If you want to take your freelance writing career to the next level, Contena is worth exploring.

Scripted – Excellent for Freelance Copywriters

With outstanding brand clients like Facebook, Red Bull, and Amazon, Scripted connects copywriters to freelance job opportunities at marquee companies. Scripted focuses exclusively on freelance copywriting across content marketing, website copy, product descriptions, social media, and more.

Scripted has a two-step application process to vet writers carefully. Once approved, you gain access to steady remote writing work. With strong writer support, community, and payment processing, Scripted makes it easy for copywriters to grow their business.

Dribbble – Best Freelance Community for Designers to Get Discovered

Dribbble is the premier platform for designers to showcase portfolios, connect with clients, and find freelance graphic design work. Dribbble operates as a tight-knit community where freelancers get feedback on designs and build their reputation.

By uploading and discussing designs with other respected designers, freelancers can get noticed and attract potential new clients. Dribbble offers exposure and networking opportunities to set designers up for success as freelancers.

Krop – Top Creative Talent Freelancing Site for Digital Projects

Focused squarely on creative fields like graphic design, digital marketing, UI/UX, photography, and more, Krop helps skilled creative talent connect with exciting freelance opportunities at leading brands. Krop offers a well-curated selection of freelance jobs as well as recruiting services for top agencies.

Krop emphasizes building your creative profile to get discovered by potential new freelance clients who source talent directly through the platform. Easy project management and chat keep collaboration seamless.

College Recruiter – Best Entry-Level & Internship Freelance Opportunities

Specifically targeting students, recent graduates, and young professionals, College Recruiter offers a wide range of entry-level jobs, internships, and seasonal positions. It’s a great option for those just starting out to find rewarding freelance work.

You can easily create a profile highlighting your education, experience, and skills to attract recruitment from major brands and employers offering freelance gigs. With strong industry connections, College Recruiter gives emerging talent practical opportunities to gain experience remotely.

  • PeoplePerHour – Freelance jobs from website design to data entry with great search tools to find gigs.
  • SimplyHired – Job search engine aggregating freelance openings posted on over 100 other boards.
  • FlexJobs – Vetted remote work and freelance jobs spanning many categories like programming, writing, marketing etc.
  • Codementor – Platform to directly connect with clients needing coding and development work done.
  • DesignCrowd – Creative freelancing contests for designers and artists to showcase skills.
  • CreativeMarket – Make money selling creative assets like templates, graphics, fonts, and more.
  • – Freelance blockchain engineering, data science, and design opportunities.
  • – Developers and programmers can find freelance work with top startups and tech companies.
  • Hubstaff Talent – Businesses hire for freelance roles in IT, marketing, sales, HR, accounting and more.
  • FreeeUp – Freelance e-commerce, web development, marketing, and growth hacking jobs.
  • RemotelyAwesome – Pre-vetted freelance jobs for developers looking for part-time remote work.
  • Crossover – Remote freelance roles in software engineering and DevOps from global clients.
  • Expert360 – High-level freelance consulting projects from major brands like Coca-Cola, Google, and Deloitte.
  • Expertize – Connects qualified consultants and subject matter experts with remote freelance job opportunities.
  • 6nomads – Specialized high-paying freelance jobs for Python, React, and Node.js developers.
  • Crowd Content – Broad writing and editing freelance gigs from businesses worldwide. Writers must qualify before applying.
  • Constant Content – Writers can sell their existing articles and blog posts through this content marketplace.
  • Textbroker – Companies and brands hire writers to create SEO-optimized content marketing assets and articles.
  • iWriter – Beginner freelance writers can gain experience with quick web content jobs.
  • WriterAccess – Higher-paying quality freelance writing gigs from blog posts to video scripts. Writers must pass screening.
  • Behance – Leading online platform for designers to showcase portfolios and connect with freelance clients.
  • Designhill – Freelance graphic design contests from small businesses and startups. Prize money for winners.

Key Considerations for Selecting the Best Freelance Site

When deciding which freelancing website is best for your specific goals, keep these key tips in mind:

  • Carefully evaluate freelancer reviews, site reputation, client feedback, and volume of gigs.
  • Compare commission fees, payment terms, and membership costs if any. Many sites charge 10-20%.
  • Review the types of freelance projects posted to ensure a good match for your expertise.
  • Search for other freelancers similar to yourself to assess the competition level.
  • Consider niche platforms like writing, programming, or design which attract serious industry clients.

By showcasing your skills and experience most effectively and pursuing gigs strategically, you can successfully land your first freelance opportunity. Happy freelancing!

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