Best PDFs Merger: combine two or more PDF files online


Along with DOC, DOCX, and TXT, PDF is a popular file format that people encounter daily. Short for “Portable Document Format,” the extension aims to contain multiple objects (such as texts, tables, images, 3D drawings, etc.) and to present them neatly and fashionably. Not to mention the transferability and convenience aspects hence the word “portable” stands proudly in the name. It is a game changer, a way college students communicate with their professors, office staff with the bosses, writers with their editors, and many more. It is the one extension to present them all and, in portability, unite them.

Even more, with all the greatness, the extension stays humble and down-to-earth. It is easy to deal with; users can edit, convert, and merge PDFs, along with many other features users might want. Using this extension is very helpful since, in many cases, users will need to modify their PDF files in one way or another to suit their needs. 

The simplicity of how it takes to combine PDFs, for example, gives jobseekers a way to present their applications more elegantly. Instead of cluttering their email with multiple attachments of resumes, recommendation letters, portfolios, and certificates, they can easily use a PDF file combiner. Thus, the email will have one single attachment. It is more presentable as it also helps spare the HRD department’s device from keeping excessive files.


It just takes seconds to merge PDFs.

Despite its stunning results, combining multiple PDF files can be done in just a flash. And it doesn’t require the doer to be an IT adept or the like since a PDF merger enables any commoner to combine their PDF files in just a few clicks. 

While things might be different for other file extensions, with PDF, the merging procedure doesn’t involve complicated steps, nor does it require artistic ability. Tools for such purposes are available in all widely used operating systems (Windows, Apple, Android). Hence, users can choose the environment they are most comfortable with. 

Users can also take the freedom of deciding whether to work offline or online. Apple provides a native PDF merger tool in the “Preview” pane, while Windows users can install a third-party application if they opt to merge their PDF files offline. Those who prefer to go online can choose a site offering free merge PDFs, a matter in which they have plenty of options.


Combining PDFs online is just as easy as ABC.

You read it right. It is a straightforward and fast process that delivers impressive results in just a few taps. And it is fantastic here that the people at Adobe, the granddaddy of PDFs themselves, lend their helping hands to combine PDFs free on their official website.

The service is no joke. It is so powerful that a user can merge documents with a final whooping size of 1,500 pages, and it has enough muscle so a user may combine up to 100 files, with a very generous limitation of 500 pages per file. Users can arrange the files according to their desired order before hitting the “Merge” button, and they can even edit the merged PDF if they sign in to the site.

Without further ado, here is how to combine PDF files using a free online service:


  1. Click the “Select files” button.


  1. Choose the files to merge.


  1. If needed, reorder the files.


  1. Hit “Merge files.”


  1. The merged PDF is ready to download. If further editing is required, sign in to the site.


The best PDFs merger to merge PDFs online.

The Internet is plenteous of explanations on how to merge PDF files and sites offering to merge PDF files for free. However, not all those sites mention the risks a user has to consider, such as data theft and misuse. In contrast, some free online PDF editing sites can gather information in the uploaded PDF files. 

Moreover, some of these sites don’t seem to have clear and official legal standing – in other words, their origin is unknown, and their future is foggy. It is uncertain whether they will still be around tomorrow or the next time a user tries to visit. With such considerations, Adobe’s online service, with its solid background, is hands down the best PDFs merger one can expect to find on the Internet. It is robust, gets the job done in just some easy steps, is free to use, and protects its users from unwanted data exploitation.

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