Top 5 Ways Your Small Business Benefits From Having Its Own Server


When you run a small business you may want to consider implementing your own dedicated server. With just two computers you can already run into efficiency issues, and with the amount of data increasing and becoming more important in today’s environment, having your own server may be the optimal solution for your company. Your business’s IT environment should support, and even improve, your workflow and workplace productivity.

As with any investment you would make for your business, first carefully weigh the pros and cons before purchasing a dedicated server. The price tag does not necessarily have to be hefty since you can opt for new, refurbished, or even used models. Regardless of which small business server you choose, you should first understand why your business will benefit from it.    

Security and protection of your business information

With simply one or two computers it may be relatively easy to install antivirus or spyware software and constantly update them. However, when you have 5 or more users, it can be a hassle. With business-sensitive files on the computers, the potential harm viruses can exert on your systems is severe.   

With a dedicated server, you have the capability to run software that scans for virus threats from just one machine connected to the network. The system administrator can run network-wide scans and remove bad files, as opposed to each user running these time-consuming tasks individually. After all, what is your company without its crucial files?  

Data loss prevention

Not only does your risk of viruses and spyware go up with the number of users in your small business, so does your vulnerability to data loss. Data loss is inevitable. Whether it occurs due to outages or careless user error, it happens. Without a dedicated server maintaining and storing all the critical files, this can pose a serious risk for your business. 

A dedicated server, from a reputable brand such as Dell or HP, will allow you to create backups of your important business files. Instead of your whole system falling flat when one machine is down, you can rely on the centralized and secured storage of your data on your server.      

Central file storage and sharing

With multiple users or employees in your business, the simultaneous usage of company files and applications is common. A dedicated server will allow you to fully customize the access and permissions given to specific computers, as opposed to every user having full access. The system administrator will have the ability to decide which files or applications are available for individual users. 

Resource sharing across multiple computers

A small business using a server allows individuals to share useful resources. Whether it’s access to printers, applications, or even internet access, this is simply done across the network. It can also allow remote access which is becoming increasingly common in today’s working environment. Being able to pull data without being physically present is one of the largest benefits of having a dedicated server. Devices need only internet access to be able to access email, applications, internal data, and more.  


With a dedicated server storing all the company data, all the individual company computers on the network will not be burdened with this function. In a standard setup, each user needs the storage capabilities to handle all the company files. With the implementation of a server, you will be able to offload large bundles of data from the computers and store it centrally instead. 

This setup will free up the memory on your computers and enhance their performance. Implementing a server will also allow you to use older, outdated, and slower computers since the majority of the files will not be saved on them. The requirements for adding a new computer onto the server is then significantly lower as well, making it an economical decision if the need arises.  

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a small business server should be seen as a business investment. It will not only increase your workflow productivity by removing all the redundant hassles that come with multiple individual computers, but it also makes your IT environment more reliable and safer. To avoid a potential crisis situation where your critical company files are either deleted or unavailable, it is best to insure against it in the form of a dedicated server.

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