Origin Post is Preparing Shipment: What This Status Really Means?

Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment – What Does It Mean?

You’ve ordered a package, eagerly tracking its journey. Suddenly, the status changes to “origin post is preparing shipment.” This vague notice sparks confusion and questions. What does this message mean? Should you be concerned? We’re breaking it all down.

What Exactly Does “Origin Post” Mean?

“Origin post” refers to the original shipping location – where the package first entered the postal network. This is where the parcel begins its journey before being transported domestically or internationally.

The “origin post is preparing shipment” status means your package was received by the postal service at the initial shipping depot or post office. This facility has to document and process every package before releasing it for transit.

Here’s What the Origin Post is Doing Now:

Validating Details: The origin facility double-checks the delivery address, postage paid, and other important information. This verification happens before release.

Securing & Labeling: Workers may be weighing packages, applying tracking labels, and completing any other required packaging.

Preparing for Handoff: With details confirmed and packaging finished, the origin post gets the parcel ready for handoff to the next facility. This involves moving it to sorting areas.

Not Yet Dispatched: Though ready for transit, the package typically has not left the origin facility at this stage. The next scan will show when it departs the initial location.

Why Might “Preparing Shipment” Get Delayed?

Ideally, packages should depart the origin within 2-3 business days. However, several issues could cause your package to get stuck in “preparing” status:

Transportation Disruptions: Bad weather, maintenance issues, crowded flights, or other problems can lead to delays.

Missed Arrival Scan: If the next facility fails to scan upon receipt, the status won’t update as expected.

Peak Season Overflow: During busy shipping holidays, overwhelming volume can severely backlog processing.

What to Do If Your Package is Delayed in “Preparing”

Don’t panic yet if your status has been stuck for a few days. Here are some tips on what to do next:

  • Check tracking frequently for any status changes.
  • Contact the seller – they may have more details on expected timelines.
  • Call USPS customer service if there are no updates after 5 business days. They can investigate issues.
  • Request the seller open a case with USPS after 7 days. They can file a claim if needed.

When to Take Further Action

If the tracking still shows “origin post preparing shipment” after 10 business days or more, it’s reasonable to pursue next steps:

  • Ask the shipper to reship your order if possible.
  • Dispute the transaction if you paid with a credit card.
  • File an insurance claim if you purchased shipping insurance.
  • Keep pressing USPS for answers on where your package is stuck.

The Takeaway: Don’t Panic Yet

While any delay is annoying, “origin post preparing shipment” is a routine USPS tracking status especially for international packages. It simply indicates your item is now with the postal service and processing has begun. As long as you don’t let too much time pass, there is no cause for concern yet. Keep a close eye for updates signaling your package is on the move.

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