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If you’ve ever ordered something on Amazon, you may have seen a charge on your bank statement labeled “Amazon Digital Charge” or something similar. This charge is related to purchasing digital content like ebooks, music, movies, apps, and more on Amazon. Let’s break down exactly what these charges are and when you may see them.

This article will dive into everything you need to know about Amazon Digital, from available content to membership benefits and more.

The Evolution of Amazon Digital

Amazon entered the digital space in 2007 with the launch of Kindle e-readers and the Kindle ebook store. According to Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, “Amazon has sold many, many millions of Kindles and has hundreds of millions of ebooks.” This early success was just the start of Amazon’s major expansion into digital media.

In 2011, Amazon Prime Instant Video launched for streaming movies and shows, now known as Prime Video. A few years later, Amazon expanded further by acquiring audiobook giant Audible. Today, Amazon Digital encompasses ebooks, video, music, audiobooks, apps, and software. As consumer preferences continue shifting to streaming and digital content, Amazon is positioned as a leader in the digital media marketplace.

What Can You Access on Amazon Digital?

When you purchase digital content from Amazon, you’ll typically see a charge on your bank statement like “Amazon Digital Order” or “Amazon Digital Charge.” But what exactly are you getting for your money?

Amazon Digital provides access to:

  • Kindle ebooks – Over 5 million ebook titles, magazines, comics and more. Read on any device via the Kindle app.
  • Prime Video – Thousands of movies and TV shows to stream instantly, including exclusives and originals. Upgrade with subscription channels like HBO Max or STARZ.
  • Amazon Music – A catalog of over 100 million songs. Listen online or download tracks for offline listening.
  • Audible – The world’s largest selection of audiobooks, including audiobook exclusives. Seamless listening experience across devices.
  • Apps & Games – Huge selection of apps, games and software for multiple platforms.
  • Digital Newspaper & Magazine Subscriptions – Get digital access to popular publications and magazines.

 One-Time vs. Recurring Amazon Digital Charges

There are two main types of Amazon Digital charges you may see on your bank statements:

One-Time Digital Purchases

A single charge corresponds to purchasing one digital media item like:

  • Kindle ebook
  • Movie rental or purchase on Prime Video
  • Album or song download on Amazon Music
  • Audiobook purchase from Audible
  • App or game purchase

Recurring Subscriptions

These are ongoing subscription charges for continued access to Amazon Digital content libraries and services, typically monthly or annually. Examples include:

  • Amazon Prime membership
  • Audible membership
  • Kindle Unlimited monthly subscription
  • Amazon Music Unlimited subscription
  • Individual channel subscriptions like HBO Max or STARZ through Prime Video
  • Magazine or newspaper subscription

Review your Amazon Order History frequently to see exactly what purchases and subscriptions are generating those recurring digital charges.

Managing Your Amazon Digital Orders and Charges

Get a complete view of your Amazon Digital purchases by visiting Your Account >> Orders  and filtering for “Digital Orders.” Here you can see all your Kindle books, Prime Video rentals, Amazon Music purchases, Audible titles and more in one place.

To control recurring charges from Amazon Digital subscriptions:

  • Review all active subscriptions under  Your Account >> Memberships & Subscriptions
  • Turn off auto-renewal or cancel any unwanted subscriptions
  • Adjust billing cycles (monthly vs. annually) to better fit your budget

So in summary, Amazon Digital Charge refers to any purchase of digital media or content on Amazon platforms like Kindle, Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Audible. Both one-time and recurring charges may show up depending on the product. Checking your Order History reveals specifics on the digital content acquired.

As we have covered in previous posts, other common Amazon-related charges you may see are “AMZN MKTP US” for physical product orders and “Amazon Payment Revision Needed” for issues processing payments. But any charge with “Amazon Digital” indicates you acquired digital media accessible on Amazon. Regularly reviewing your full order history can identify all types of Amazon transactions.

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