Business Technology

How to Choose the Right ERP System for Your Small Business

Organizations use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to run their business operations. Specifically, they use an ERP system to facilitate the integration of corporate processes in finance, distribution, human resources, procurement, and other departments in one central database, thereby maximizing efficiency. This technology offers four main features and benefits: business-wide integration, a common database, real-time […]

Must-Have Project Management Skills for Small Business Owners

How to Choose a Website Builder for your Small Business Website

Marketing & Branding

Video Marketing: Is It For Me?

Video marketing is major part of the digital marketing landscape. Online sales and digital marketing for business is the new world order. In this environment, it’s a struggle to think of any business that wouldn’t benefit from being competitive in the digital space. Websites usually represent a business’s main digital shopfront. Social media and other […]

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6 Ways To Make Your DIY Marketing Strategy More Effective In 2018

Entrepreneurs Infographics Money & Finance

10 Money Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Businesses of all sizes require hard work, but it can be specially difficult starting out as an entrepreneur. The responsibilities and the risks can be scary, but sometimes having a business is worth all that. For young entrepreneurs, however, challenges that wouldn’t faze people with more life experience and access to finances can seem insurmountable. […]