50 YouTube Video Ideas to Grow Your Channel

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Coming up with fresh, exciting YouTube video ideas is one of the most important skills for growing a successful channel. With over 500 hours of new content uploaded every minute, standing out from the noise is essential. But how do you even begin brainstorming irresistible video ideas that will have viewers hooked?

In this post, I’ll be sharing 50 video ideas across popular YouTube niches to spark your creativity. Whether you want to increase viewership, gain more subscribers, or improve engagement, these proven video ideas will take your channel to the next level!

Why Video Ideas Matter on YouTube:

  • Over 2 billion logged-in users visit YouTube every month
  • Users watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos daily
  • 70% of YouTube traffic comes from mobile devices
  • Videos that are 8-12 minutes long tend to get the most engagement

With these mind-blowing stats, it’s clear that coming up with compelling video ideas is crucial for YouTube success. Let’s get into the video ideas you can use!

Lifestyle Niche Video Ideas

The lifestyle niche is incredibly popular on YouTube. There is huge demand for videos providing tips, ideas, how-tos, and inspiration around topics like fashion, beauty, health, home decor, productivity, and more.

If you want to grow your lifestyle channel, try out these engaging video ideas:

Fashion and Style Videos

  • 10 Spring Outfit Ideas – Dedicate a video to putting together stylish spring looks using key seasonal trends.
  • Festival Fashion Lookbook – Showcase bohemian chic outfits and accessories perfect for festival season.
  • DIY Denim Customization – Transform old denim into trendy reconstructed pieces like corset tops, jackets, hats and more.
  • Accessorizing 101 – Demonstrate ways to accessorize basic outfits for maximum style using layers, statement jewelry, scarves, hats, etc.
  • Workwear Lookbook – Curate 10 polished work-appropriate looks for the office.

Beauty and Makeup Videos

  • Full Coverage Makeup Routine – Show how to get flawless, full-coverage glam using techniques like color correcting, baking, contouring and highlighting.
  • No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial – Teach a lightweight makeup look focusing on glowing skin, groomed brows, and neutral tones.
  • Seasonal Makeup Looks – Create tutorial looks tailored to seasons – smoky eyes for fall, shimmery bronze for summer, pastels for spring, etc.
  • DIY Beauty Treatments – Whip up face masks, scrubs, and moisturizers using common household ingredients for an at-home spa experience.

Interior Design and Decor

  • Small Space Decorating – Transform a small space like a studio apartment or dorm room with clever styling tips.
  • Home Organization Hacks – Share unique ways to keep kitchens, closets, pantries, medicine cabinets, and other spaces decluttered.
  • DIY Wall Art – Liven up blank walls with canvases, gallery walls, geometric designs, textile wall hangings and other statement pieces.
  • Bohemian Bedroom Makeover – Give a boring bedroom a stylish boho-chic revamp on a budget.

Health, Wellness and Food

  • What I Eat In a Day – Give viewers meal ideas and recipe inspiration by filming everything you eat in a day.
  • Beginner Yoga Flow – Walk through a 20-30 minute sequence for yoga newbies focusing on gentle flows and stretching.
  • Healthy Lunch Meal Prep – Show easy meal-prepped lunches packed with protein and nutrients.
  • Relaxing Night Routine – Help viewers wind down from the day by sharing your nighttime relaxation ritual.
  • Productivity Tips – Share 10 hacks on how you stay organized and get things done, from the best planning apps to brainstorming methods.

Gaming Niche Video Ideas

Gaming is one of the most popular categories on YouTube. There is an enthusiastic audience actively searching for gaming tutorials, reviews, playthroughs, reactions, and more.

If you want to grow your gaming channel, consider making these types of videos:

Game Reviews

  • The Last of Us Part II Review – Provide your critiques, analysis and final verdict after completing this major PlayStation release.
  • Indie Game Reviews – Review 5-10 new indie games each month to showcase smaller titles people may have missed.
  • Nintendo Switch Game Reviews – Cover the biggest Nintendo releases giving your thoughts on gameplay, graphics, replay value, and more.
  • VR Game Reviews – Offer your perspective on new virtual reality games as you play them through an Oculus headset.

Walkthroughs and Playthroughs

  • God of War Playthrough – Upload your full God of War gameplay from start to finish, sharing tips and reactions.
  • HOW TO BEAT Series – Start a series dedicated to showing viewers how to defeat difficult bosses and levels in games known for their challenge.
  • Horror Game Playthroughs – Playthrough scary games like Resident Evil, reacting to all the frightening moments.
  • Retro Game Playthroughs – Revisit old school 80s and 90s games like Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Donkey Kong Country.

Gaming Gear and Products

  • Gaming Chair Review – Test out a new ergonomic gaming chair and review its comfort, quality and value.
  • Best Mice for FPS Games – Compare and demo the top 5 mice optimized for first person shooter gameplay.
  • Testing Weird Gaming Gadgets – Try out weird products like keypads, joystick controllers, gaming glasses and other accessories.
  • Building the Ultimate Gaming Desk Setup – Showcase your customized desk setup packed with your PC, lighting, peripherals and accessories.

Education Niche Video Ideas

The education category on YouTube has grown enormously. Viewers come to YouTube to self-educate on academic subjects, develop new skills, and satisfy their curiosity.

If you run an education channel, some video ideas to help it grow include:

  • Explainers on Complex Topics – Teach viewers about 5 difficult concepts like AI, blockchain, quantum physics in simple terms with illustrations.
  • How-To Tutorials – Create 10 step-by-step coding, design, business, and music production tutorials to teach a skill.
  • Study Tips and Hacks – Share the 10 study methods and productivity hacks that help you ace tests and classes.
  • School/College Advice – Provide 20 tips and your own experiences about academics, social life, exams, scholarship applications and more.
  • Language Lessons – Make 5-10 lessons for teaching yourself new languages, covering grammar, vocabulary, speaking practice.
  • Book Reviews and Summaries – Discuss and analyze 5 fiction and 5 non-fiction books. Also provide summaries explaining key concepts.
  • Science Experiments – Conduct 5 fun experiments demonstrating cool scientific concepts for viewers to follow along.

Entertainment Niche Video Ideas

Entertainment is a massive category on YouTube. Fans come to YouTube seeking funny, interesting and engaging content to capture their attention.

If you want to make entertaining videos, some ideas include:

  • Movie/TV Show Reviews – Share your funny thoughts on 10-15 of the latest releases through reviews or even sketches.
  • Celebrity News and Gossip – Dish on all the latest celebrity drama, scandals, breakups and more in 5 weekly recap videos.
  • Funny Commentary/Reaction Videos – Give funny commentary while reacting to 10 weird products, absurd trends and funny viral videos.
  • Pranks and Social Experiments – Prank your friends in 5 videos and capture their reactions. Also conduct 5 social experiments testing people’s behavior.
  • Music Reviews and Recommendations – Review 10 new albums releasing every month and recommend best new songs/artists.
  • Celebrity Interviews – Conduct 10 mock celebrity interviews impersonating their voices/quirks.
  • Pop Culture Trivia and Quizzes – Make 5 trivia quizzes testing viewers’ knowledge on movies, music, celebrity gossip and internet trends.

Vlogging Video Ideas

Vlogging remains hugely popular on YouTube. Fans love following along with YouTubers’ daily lives, adventures, thoughts, and experiences through vlog-style videos.

Here are vlog-style video ideas that tend to perform well:

  • Daily Vlogs – Document your daily life in at least 5 vlogs per week bringing viewers along for activities.
  • Challenge Videos – Take on 5 viral internet challenges like the floor is lava, whisper challenge, yoga challenge, etc.
  • Q&A and Advice Videos – Have subscribers ask questions in 10 videos and give advice based on your life experiences.
  • Travel Vlogs – Show off 5 trips this year to new countries and cities with daily vlogging.
  • Fun Activities and Adventures – Go bowling, rollerblading, trampoline park, amusement parks, haunted houses etc. and vlog these 5 activities.
  • Sit-Down Chatty Videos – Casually discuss and give your thoughts on 10 trending topics like politics, pop culture, social media drama etc.
  • Vlogs with Friends/Family – Introduce viewers to 10 of your closest friends/family by collaborating with them on videos.

Optimizing Your YouTube Videos for Maximum Views

The key to YouTube success is optimizing your videos to be discovered in search and recommended by the platform. Useful optimization strategies include:

  • Conduct keyword research for video titles and descriptions
  • Create clickable thumbnails using attractive images, text and color
  • Include links, end screens and cards leading to other videos
  • Transcribe videos and fill video descriptions for improved SEO
  • Collaborate with others to gain new viewers and promote each other

Promoting Your YouTube Videos

Promoting your videos outside YouTube is also crucial. Some effective promotion tactics include:

  • Sharing videos on all social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, etc.
  • Embedding videos on your blog and website
  • Promoting videos in relevant online communities and forums
  • Collaborating with influencers in your niche
  • Building an email list to share all your latest videos
  • Following up with custom playlists of your videos

Improving Video Quality

As your channel grows, invest time into improving video quality. Useful strategies include:

  • Improving camera quality, lighting, audio, editing pacing and energy
  • Filming intros and outros to build your brand
  • Purchasing backdrops, stabilization equipment, mics, and other gear
  • Ensuring consistency with upload schedule and style
  • Analyzing YouTube Analytics data to build upon successful videos


As you can see, the possibilities for YouTube video ideas are endless! Use this list of YouTube video ideas to get started, and get creative about developing your own unique content. Focus on providing value to your viewers – whether through helpful advice, entertainment or education.

The key is to just get started creating videos consistently. You’ll get better over time. Make sure to use tools like TubeBuddy, VidIQ and Hootsuite to help plan and optimize your YouTube strategy. And most importantly, have fun developing content ideas and growing your channel!

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