How to choose a Good TikTok Username: 100+ TikTok Username Ideas

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Your TikTok username is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when creating your account. It becomes your brand, your identity, and what fans will remember you by. That’s why it’s crucial to put thought and strategy into choosing a username that truly represents you.

In this article, we’ll provide everything you need to know about crafting, optimizing, and finalizing on the perfect TikTok username for your brand.

Why Your TikTok Username Matters

Your username isn’t just your @ handle – it’s the first impression you give potential followers who come across your profile. Studies show usernames with keywords relevant to your niche get up to 30% more profile visits. And usernames that are recognizable yet unique can boost follower growth.

But why does your username have this much impact? Here are the key reasons it’s so important:

  • It’s the first thing people notice on your profile – an eye-catching and memorable username sparks interest in your content.
  • It affects how easily people can find you and your videos through TikTok search. Optimizing for keywords improves discoverability.
  • Your username becomes your identity. The @handle you choose represents your personal brand.
  • Usernames that stand out are more recognizable and help build loyal fandoms. This improves engagement and followers.

“Your TikTok username both communicates who you are and makes your content easy to find. It’s the backbone of your brand’s identity.” – Mary Jones, Social Media Strategist.

With those key points in mind, let’s walk through the steps for choosing a stellar username.

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Your TikTok Username

Choosing a username should be a thoughtful, strategic process. Follow these steps:

Brainstorm Keyword and Interest-Based Username Ideas

Start by brainstorming a master list of potential names. Here are some brainstorming tips:

  • List your main interests, niche topics, or content focus
  • Include keywords or phrases related to your niche
  • Look at competitors or influencers you admire and write down ideas
  • Use a username generator to spark creativity
  • Ask friends for suggestions based on your brand

Evaluate Options Based On Branding and Availability

Once you’ve compiled ideas, start evaluating by:

  • Checking which usernames align closest with your brand identity
  • Testing which are easy to spell/pronounce
  • Researching which are already taken on TikTok
  • Using the TikTok app to directly check availability

Get Feedback on Top Contenders

Ask for input on your top 5-10 contender usernames from:

  • Friends, peers, co-creators
  • Followers and engaged audience members
  • Influencers or experts in your niche

See which stand out and that people remember.

Optimize for Search by Including Keywords

Look for opportunities to optimize for discovery:

  • Include niche keywords and phrases
  • Be specific instead of too broad
  • Don’t keyword stuff but ensure relevance

Double Check Brand Alignment and Availability

Take one more look at your top choices and confirm:

  • It represents your brand identity accurately
  • It is easy to say and spell
  • It is short, catchy and memorable
  • It is available and not taken already

Make Your Final Username Selection!

When you’ve weighed all your options, trust your judgment and choose the TikTok username that excites you!

Now let’s look at tailored username ideas for popular niches on TikTok.

Username Ideas for Girls

Ladies looking for a cute, feminine username can reference their interests, play with their name, or add positive flair.

Based on Interests

  • DanceQueen123
  • NatureGirl
  • BookwormBabe
  • WanderlustChloe

With Adjectives

  • SunshineTia
  • FearlessGrace
  • ShiningSarah

Featuring Animals

  • PuppyLuvJess
  • KittyKatMaria
  • BunnyTia

Name Inspired

  • KatesKreations
  • Gabbyxoxo
  • Steph Loves Books

Username Ideas for Guys

Dudes can highlight their personality by showcasing their interests, adding humor, or playing with variations of their name.

Humorous Usernames

  • JuggleJosh
  • MemeDreamJake
  • Jokes4James

Interest-Based Names

  • SoccerLegend09
  • BasketballBoy
  • HockeyKid31

Pop Culture Names

  • SpideyStan
  • LOTRFan
  • GoTMax

Playful Names

  • SuperSteve
  • FunnyManBen
  • CallMeClark

Unique and Witty Username Ideas

  • Use unique adjectives: BluePanda, SuperSunshine
  • Make up new words: Sillykook, SmileyHappyFace
  • Reference pop culture: SpongebobSquareAnt, DancingDalek
  • Use humor: BananaBoy, FunnyFailFelix
  • Feature emotions: HappyGirl, Smiles4Miles

Cute, Positive Username Ideas

  • Fun animals: SlothGirl, UnicornSparkles, PenguinMadness
  • Puns: BeYouTiful, DanceTilYouCan’t, ChaChaCharlotte
  • Uplifting words: HugsAndSmiles, SpreadTheJoy312, HappyCookie
  • Rhymes: JollyJan, PositiveVibez, CreateToMotivate
  • Alliteration: KindKate, HappyHannah, LaughingLily

As you can see, incorporating your niche and interests is key for creating tailored, relevant usernames. Now let’s go over what to avoid when selecting your name.

What to Avoid When Choosing a TikTok Username

While brainstorming, make sure to avoid these common username mistakes:

  • Hard to spell or pronounce names. Stick to simple spellings.
  • Super long or short usernames. Find a happy medium in length.
  • Offensive or insensitive names. Keep it inclusive.
  • Taken or unavailable names. Double check availability.
  • Too impersonal or corporate sounding names. Show your personality.
  • Random numbers or letters only. Incorporate real words.

Your username should be easy to remember, align with your brand identity, and avoid any negative connotations. Steer clear of anything vague, inappropriate or confusing.

Now that you know what to avoid, let’s talk optimizing your username for maximum discoverability.

Optimizing Your Username for Discoverability

A strategic username optimizes your potential to be discovered by new viewers who will love your content. Here are some pro tips:

  • Include your niche or topics – such as “Comedy” or “BookReviews”
  • Add important keywords – like “Basketball” or “MakeupTutorials”
  • Use natural phrasing – for example “Recipes” instead of “CookingIdeas”
  • Only include relevant terms people would search

Getting found more easily gives you a major advantage. But don’t keyword stuff! Stay natural.

50 TikTok Username Ideas for Inspiration

Here are 50 fun, unique username ideas to spark creativity:













































Hopefully these ignite some new username ideas – feel free to take inspiration from these!

Now let’s talk about whether to change your username once you’ve built a following.

Changing Your TikTok Username: Pros and Cons

What if you’ve had a TikTok account for awhile but want a new username? Here are some pros and cons of changing it up:


  • Get a completely fresh start with rebranding
  • Optimize name for growth if initial one is ineffective
  • Revamp your identity if interests have changed


  • Lose brand recognition you’ve built so far
  • Confuse existing followers attempting to find you
  • Abandon URL associated with username

Overall, it makes more sense for established creators to keep their current username unless it really no longer fits their content or brand. However, username changes can be successfully done with a solid rebranding strategy.

Rebranding After a Username Change

If you do decide to change your username, here are some rebranding tips:

  • Gradually transition to your new name, using both for a while
  • Announce the change to current followers across channels
  • Run a contest/giveaway around the new username
  • Create a branded hashtag like #JosieGotNewName
  • Redirect people to your new profile in link bios
  • Leverage collaborations and shoutouts to spread the word

With planning, you can absolutely reinvent yourself and lead your audience to your rebranded handle.

Now let’s get into the logistics of changing your username.

How to Change Your TikTok Username

If you choose to change your username, here are the steps:

  1. Tap on your profile icon in the bottom right of the TikTok app.
  2. Tap on the three dots next to your current username.
  3. Select “Change username” and enter your desired new name.
  4. Check availability and confirm the change.

Once changed, your old username will be freed up for anyone else to claim. You can also change your username back for free within 30 days.

Key Takeaways

  • Brainstorm keywords and ideas related to your niche
  • Focus on short, simple, and catchy names
  • Add humor, interests, animals, rhymes, and more for fun names
  • Make sure it represents your brand and is easy to say
  • Check availability and get feedback before deciding
  • Optimize using keywords for discoverability but stay natural
  • Rebrand effectively if you do change your established name

With these tips and ideas, you have everything you need to choose an amazing TikTok username! Take time to strategize and craft a name that showcases your unique brand. Your username is your identity – so make it count!

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