How to Go Viral on TikTok: The Ultimate Guide

how to become viral on tiktok

Y’all, we need to talk about TikTok. This short-form video app has become one massive deal, with over a BILLION monthly users. Going viral and scoring millions of followers is possible pretty much overnight on TikTok if you play your cards right.

In this post, I’m serving up my best tips on exactly how to create those viral videos that’ll blow up your follower count. Get ready to become TikTok famous, babes!

Choose Your Specific Niche

The first step is deciding what type of content you want to create. Popular niches on TikTok include:

  • Comedy – Lip-syncs, sketches, parodies
  • Dance – Challenges, tutorials, freestyles
  • Life hacks – DIYs, crafts, useful tips
  • Food & Recipes – Cooking tutorials, food reviews, recipes
  • Challenges – Trying viral stunts and tests

Now before you post just any old thing, you need to zero in on your niche. Pick something you genuinely love creating content for – comedy, dance, food, DIY, etc.

Sticking to one niche helps build a loyal fanbase who know and love your style. Don’t bounce around – really own your thing! Whether it’s comely sketches, epic dance moves, or drool-worthy recipes, find that one vocational calling and create magic within it.

Analyze Trending Content

Spend time analyzing videos and sounds that are currently trending in your niche. Check the “For You” feed or discovery tabs like “Trending” to identify what type of content resonates most with TikTok users right now.

Take note of video formats, captions, hashtags, effects, and music used in the top videos. Study what the most viral videos in your niche have in common and use these insights when creating your own content. The goal is to put your unique spin on trends to capitalize on what’s already working.

Write Catchy Captions

Captions are extremely important for grabbing attention on TikTok. Use captions that are short, punchy, funny, curious and make users want to watch the full video. Ask questions, use emojis, leverage trends and aim to spark interest and intrigue.

Keep in mind the 100 character limit and try to use all of it if possible. Hook viewers in so they stay to watch. Position key text and words in the middle of the screen. Use captions to enhance, not just describe, what’s happening in the video.

Use Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

Most TikTok users decide whether or not to click on a video based on the thumbnail preview image. Using eye-catching thumbnails with bright colors, interesting visuals, and text overlays will get more views.

Study thumbnails of top videos in your niche for inspiration. Create customized thumbnails for each video using Canva or other editing tools. Having a consistent branding with your profile photo, username, and thumbnail style helps build recognition.

Leverage Trending Sounds

Using popular sounds and music that are currently trending in your niche makes it more likely for your videos to be discovered. TikTok’s algorithm detects and pushes out videos using top trending sounds.

Check out TikTok’s trending sound page daily to find relevant sounds to use. Try putting your unique spin on the same sounds and songs that are going viral. This helps your content get noticed while still being original.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are key for discovery on TikTok. Research what hashtags are trending in your niche and use a mix of popular tags and niche-specific tags in your videos.

Analyze hashtags used by top videos in your niche and search for relevant hashtags using TikTok’s search bar. Use a mix of 5-10 well-researched hashtags per video to increase discoverability.

Collaborate with Nano Influencers

Collaborating with TikTok influencers in your niche helps expose your content to new audiences. Even nano or micro influencers with just 5k-20k engaged followers can help you gain credibility and followers.

Reach out to respected niche influencers to brainstorm fun collaboration video ideas together. Be creative in highlighting both of your skills and personalities in the collab video.

Post Multiple Times Daily

Posting consistently is vital for TikTok growth. Posting 2-3 high-quality videos daily in your niche is recommended when starting out. Take advantage of peak posting times like 8-10 AM and 5-9 PM.

The more frequently you post quality content, the more chances you have of going viral and the more TikTok will show your videos to new users.

Engage With Your Audience

Encourage meaningful engagement on each video. Ask viewers to like, comment, share, and follow. Ask thought-provoking questions related to your video topic to spark discussion.

Respond to comments and build community with your followers. More engagement signals to TikTok the video is appealing and should be promoted more.

Promote Yourself & Videos

Promote your TikTok profile and best videos across your other social platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Share your videos in relevant niche Facebook groups and subreddits.

Let friends and family know you’re on TikTok and ask them to engage with your videos. Cross-promoting expands your reach beyond just the TikTok platform.

Analyze Performance

Use TikTok Analytics to identify your top-performing videos. Take note of video formats, captions, sounds, and other factors that caused them to resonate. Make more content like your most successful videos.

TikTok will begin promoting your best-performing content more based on this data, increasing the likelihood of your next video going viral.

Consistency, capitalizing on trends, engaging your audience, collaborating with influencers and self-promotion will help you gain more TikTok followers and increase your chances of going viral. Stick to these tips, and your next TikTok video could be the one that launches you into viral fame!

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