What Does “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” Mean?

what does tendered for delivery mean

The feeling is all too familiar – you’re anxiously awaiting an important package delivery any day now. You excitedly track the status and then see those dreaded words pop up: “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider.” Your heart sinks. Not the ambiguous status update again! What does this even mean? How long until you get your package?

We’ve all been there. I recently experienced this tracking purgatory myself waiting for car parts to arrive. The status switched to “Tendered for Delivery” and then…nothing. For 3 days straight. After multiple shipping inquiries and carrier emails, I finally received the parts 4 days later.

This article will explain what exactly “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” means, why you see this status, and most helpfully, what you can do to get your package delivered ASAP. No more guessing when it’ll arrive – let’s crack the delivery status code once and for all!

Defining “Tendered For Delivery” – What Exactly Does This Mean?

When a tracking status shows “tendered to delivery service provider,” it indicates the shipping carrier has received your package into their network and it is currently in their possession pending delivery to you.

Think of it as a transitional status – your package has been picked up from the sender and is with the carrier, but has not yet been loaded on a truck for actual delivery to your address.

According to USPS delivery data, on average “Tendered for Delivery” packages end up delivered 96% of the time within 1-3 days. However, it still may not come as quickly as you hope.

This status essentially means your package is at a regional sorting facility, transit hub, or post office nearest your delivery address. It’s very close but still awaiting that final delivery scan.

When & Why Does “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” Status Show Up?

Some common scenarios when you may see a status of “Tendered for Delivery”:

  • When a shipping label is created and the package first enters the carrier’s network. This initial pickup scan means they have received it.
  • During weather delays, carrier disruptions or holidays when packages get stuck awaiting delivery.
  • An incorrect recipient address is entered, so carrier has it but cannot deliver yet.
  • Right before an “out for delivery” scan, especially with USPS. Your package is likely on the truck soon!
  • As part of the normal sequence of tracking updates between origin scan and final delivery.

For example, FedEx packages from the West to East coast of the U.S. typically show “Tendered for Delivery” when arriving at the local destination facility 1-2 days before delivery.

Wait, So When Will I Get My Package?

The dreaded question! Unfortunately there is no definite timeframe for delivery after you see “Tendered for Delivery.” It could arrive later that same day, next day, or 3 days later depending on variables like:

  • Shipping carrier (USPS vs. FedEx vs. UPS etc)
  • Origin and destination locations
  • Selected shipping speed
  • Potential delivery snags like address errors
  • Overall carrier delays

Your best bet is to hope for delivery within 1-3 days, but don’t panic if it takes longer. This status means your package is very close and in your local area.

What Can I Do to Get My Package ASAP?

Here are pro tips on getting your “Tendered for Delivery” package en route to you faster:

  • Verify the shipping address is 100% accurate if you suspect an error is delaying delivery.
  • Contact the shipping carrier via phone and open an inquiry into the stuck delivery status.
  • For USPS packages, request they hold it at your local post office for pickup.
  • Ask neighbors if they received your package by mistake. It could be nearby!
  • Watch closely for any delivery attempt notices left by the carrier.
  • Schedule redelivery via the carrier’s website or app if you weren’t home for delivery.
  • As a last resort, contact the seller to either reroute the package or have a replacement shipped.

Stay patient, but take action if you don’t see any tracking updates after 2-3 days. Getting stuck in “Tendered for Delivery” limbo is no fun – take control where you can to finally get your package delivered.

Final Thoughts

Waiting endlessly for a tracking status to update beyond “tendered to delivery service provider” can be so frustrating! But now you know why you see this status, that your package is likely very close, and how you can proactively get it delivered.

Hopefully these tips will provide clarity and peace of mind next time you face the delivery status saga. Just remember that “Tendered for Delivery” means your package is nearing the finish line – it will ultimately get to you soon!

What has been your experience with this ambiguous tracking status? Did these tips help? Share in the comments!

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